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What Makes These Courses Special?

  1. They’re bite-sized and flexible: this means they fit around your busy working life and let you keep learning no matter what else is going on.
  2. They’re work based and practical: there’s no abstract learning here. Everything you learn is directly usable in your work, and the activities you’ll complete will be real work, taking steps to help your business.
  3. The science bit, these courses are based on hard research: Colin Gray, LearnDEn’s founder, developed LearnDEn’s teaching method during a PHd. These course are researched, tested and doctorate approved!

How Do I Access the Course Material?

The courses are all available within an online classroom. This means you’ll be logging into that classroom to access your interactive media-based learning resources, all of which will teach you the skills you need to grow your business.

You’ll be learning in that classroom on your own terms, flexibly, at a time and pace that suits you. But, there will be others working through the material at the same time. This means that you have a choice – you can work away by yourself, unseen by anyone else, or you can get involved in discussions within each course, learning from other learners and helping each other with the resources.

As well as other learners, each course has a tutor. The tutor will check in at regular intervals and will answer questions that you post in the ‘Support Space’. The courses are completely possible on a self-study basis basis, but those social support aspects are available if needed.

Working Schedule

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How Does the Course Work? What’s my Commitment?

The courses are split up into sets of topics, normally 5 or 10 depending on length, and each topic is around 30 minutes of material and activity. This, of course,  equates to either 1 or 2 weeks worth of work if you work through 1 topic per day.

You can, of course, do as many topics as you like each day, but we recommend setting yourself a target of 1 topic per day over the 1 or 2 weeks it’ll require you to complete the material. The reason this works is that it builds momentum and allows you to work through the material in regular bite-sized chunks. If you want to do all 10 topics in one morning, though, then be our guest!

The activities are flexible and short, so this means you can do it whenever you have a chance throughout a given day. If you work better in the early mornings, over breakfast, then get it done then. Or if you enjoy looking through the course in the evening on your tablet, that’s perfect too.

What if I Don’t Think I Can Fit this Into my Busy Schedule?

Everyone can find 30 minutes in a day, no matter how busy their schedule, and if you want to grow your business, you should. Our course format helps you to make a habit of checking in each day, learning something new in half an hour and then moving on with the rest of your working life.

Each task is designed to be practical and to achieve something, so when you’ve finished your 30 minutes, you’ll have done some real work that helps your business. This isn’t abstract learning – your activities will take steps forward in helping your business.

Business Learner

Learning on these courses is a community effort, and you can learn as much from each other as from the material here. Years of research has shown that community learning is more effective than solo. You'll work through the content, get involved in the discussion and work together to grow our economy.
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