Learning & Development for Entrepreneurs

Most of the skills you need to grow your business aren’t that hard to learn, but finding reliable, up-to-date advice is the tricky part.

You just need to know what you should be doing, right now, to grow your business.

Our courses bring together all of our entrepreneurial and business knowledge, and package it up in bite-sized chunks.

We’ll take you through it, step by step, so you never have to waste another minute.

Some of Our Online Entrepreneurial Training Courses

Podcasting to Build Brands & Fantastic Fans

business podcasting

Podcasting is the fastest growing way of reaching new customers. It allows any business to build a loyal, engaged audience, ready to advocate your brand.

Employing Facebook to Build & Engage Customers

facebook marketing for small

For some, Facebook is the best way to reach new customers, engage with the old and grow a fan base that buys & promotes everything you do.

Build a Great Business Website in 10 Steps

building websites

Learn how to create a business website, with no prior technical experience. By the end, you’ll have a customised digital platform to promote your business.

Kickstarter Skills for Stellar Product Launches

Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter has been used by 1000s of companies to pre-sell products, provide risk-free funding & to promote breakthrough launch campaigns.

SEO for Business: 10 Simple Steps to Rank Better

seo beginners

This course covers all you need to help your site climb the search rankings. In 10 short tasks you’ll learn how to perfectly optimise your online platform.

Attracting Crowds of Customers with Twitter

twitter marketing

Twitter accesses a world of laser targeted customers, along with easily accessible experts in the field that can help you promote your business.

What’s So Great About Our Course Format?

Suited to How You Learn

Learning StylesOnline learning works because  we can give you material in the way you prefer learning. Whether you like watching videos, reading articles or listening to someone tell you all about it, we can provide that.

Flexibility for Busy Learners

Flexible LearningOnline learning  provides the flexibility you need to be able to learn over time. You’re busy running your own business, but our courses let you take it in bite-sized chunks whenever you can, but with a little structure to keep you going.

Learning Communities

Learning CommunitiesOnline learning feels isolating – that’s why we keep it social. Research shows that we learn best together and, in business, we can learn a lot from other people’s experience. That’s why we keep you in classes and learn together.